About Me

I’m Rachael and I created Scorpio Book Dreams as an outlet for my book obsession. I have ME/CFS so spend A LOT of time reading. The escapism of books has made my condition more bearable and the bookish community over on Litsy have been life-savers. 

I’m an English Lit graduate, currently studying for my MA. I have a gorgeous labrador called Roux (yes, from Chocolat) who is a complete water baby – he would live in his paddling pool, if he was allowed. As well as reading, I love creative crafts like journalling and cross-stitch.

I’ll read pretty much anything and I’m always willing to give any book a go. I’m one of the Harry Potter generation and was only 9 when the first book was released. It was my first major book obsession and the electric atmosphere surrounding new releases in the series is something that I probably won’t experience again. Alongside J.K. Rowling, some of my favourite authors include Jane Austen, the Brontes, Sarah J Maas, Alwyn Hamilton, Philip Pullman, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Leigh Bardugo, Katherine Arden, Elena Ferrante, George R.R. Martin, and Stephen King. I’ll stop there but the list could go on for pages.

Top 5 Books:

This must be what it’s like to be asked if you have a favourite child but here goes:

  1. Pride and Prejudice – I know it’s a cliche for this to be one of my favourite books but this is a classic love story based on misunderstandings and stubbornness that is still used as a template for books today. 
  2. Harry Potter Series – My love for this series seems to grow and grow. Hermione was the best role model growing up. She was proud of her bookishness and love of learning, and she inspired so many girls not to hide their intelligence.
  3. The Song of Achilles – This book is pretty much perfect. I love Greek mythology which is the reason I first picked it up. My heart was broken by the end but it was so worthwhile. I’m always recommending this book.
  4. The Shadow of the Wind – I love this story about the power of books and their ability to shape lives. The Cemetary of Forgotten Books is one of many fictional placed I’d love to visit.
  5. Anne of Green Gables – I didn’t read this until I was an adult but I fell in love with Anne and Gilbert like so many readers before me. Anne Shirley has to be one of the greatest characters every created.

Honourable mention goes to A Little Life for being a book I still can’t stop thinking about despite reading it over a year ago. Hanya Yanagihara tore my soul apart and kept some of the pieces.


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