Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn – REVIEW

Camille, a revolutionary’s daughter, leads a band of outcasts โ€“ a runaway girl, a deserter, an aristocrat in hiding. As the Battalion des Mortes they cheat death, saving those about to meet a bloody end at the blade of Madame La Guillotine. But their latest rescue is not what she seems. The girl’s no aristocrat, but her dark and disturbing powers means both the Royalists and the Revolutionaries want her. But who and what is she?

In these dangerous days, no one can be trusted, everyone is to be feared. As Camille learns the truth, she’s forced to choose between loyalty to those she loves and the future.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zephyr.
Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

“The pay’s bad but you do get to almost die every week, so there’s that.”

I requested this book after seeing the gorgeous proofs and hearing it was set in Revolutionary Paris, which I can’t resist. The action opens with a thrilling prison break-out, promising the reader that they can expect a fast-paced, heart-pounding adventure from beginning to end. As is to be expected, the break-out doesn’t go exactly according to plan, and the group end up rescuing Olympe, a girl possessing magical, electric powers. Hunted by both Royalists and Revolutionaries, the gang must protect Olympe from those who would use her for their own ends. One of my favourite aspects of the novel was Olympe’s character growth; I loved learning her backstory and how she came to possess electrical powers.

“I almost started to worry. Then, you know, I remembered I don’t care that much about any of you and I had a snack instead.”

The Battalion des Mortes are my new favourite gang. Comprised of Camille, Al, Guil, and Ada, their mission is to save as many prisoners as possible from execution. Camille is the bisexual leader and strategist of the group, a Revolutionary’s daughter with a personal vendetta against the Royalists. Ada is a lesbian runaway who uses science to solve problems. She’s also dating Camille. Al is a gay aristocrat in hiding and marvellously snarky. Last but not least is Guil, a deserter with military knowledge. Together they have a wonderful dynamic and their banter is hilarious. Alongside the main action is a romantic subplot between Camille, Ada, and Camille’s ex-fiancรฉ James, that’s well-balanced and enhances the character arcs rather than distracting from them. As the reader slowly discovers more about each character, it’s impossible not to love them all.

“I would rather die fighting for something good, than live in mediocrity.”

The Revolutionary Paris setting was atmospherically evoked and felt very realistic, engaging the reader completely. The book ends with the narrative set up for the sequel and the gang divided in their new missions. I only hope they aren’t divided too long as they work best together. However, I trust the author completely so I’m not too worried. The hardcover release date has currently been pushed back until later this summer (unless you were lucky enough to grab an April Illumicrate box) but you can buy the book now as an eBook or audiobook. Dangerous Remedy is a fun, fast-paced, adventure, with an unforgettable and hilarious gang, set in gritty Revolutionary Paris. It’s definitely not one to miss.

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