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Buffy the Vampire Slayer[Image from Pop Horror]

Buffy had its twentieth anniversary this year and is still proving it’s as relevant as ever. It’s one of my favourite TV series of all time and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. THE CAST. The Scooby Gang just complement each other perfectly, and it’s amazing to see how they mature over the seven series. Every character is memorable and adds something to the group dynamic.
  2. FEMINISM. Buffy Summers was a role model for a whole generation of girls. She sacrificed everything to save the world because she was the chosen one despite just wanting a normal life. Buffy showed the power a woman can wield if she realises her potential.
  3. THE HUMOUR. Buffy has some of the funniest quips and episodes of all time.
  4. ONCE MORE WITH FEELING. The musical episode featured in season 6 was one of the best episodes ever. I still listen to the soundtrack regularly as the songs are just so catchy.
  5. SERIOUS MOMENTS. Buffy wasn’t always a lighthearted show. As the series progressed, the show got steadily darker. There were some moments of true grief and episodes could gut punch you without warning.
  6. RELATIONSHIPS.  The writers never shied away from portraying the reality of relationships. Sometimes things just don’t work out. But more importantly, you get to decide whether you’re Team Angel or Team Spike.
  7. GENUINELY SCARY. The show balanced horror with humour. The Master, the Judge, the Gentlemen, Caleb, Der Kindestod – they all creeped me out big time. 
  8. STAND OUT EPISODES. Buffy featured some episodes that will definitely stand the test out time. From the musical episode, to the near-silent episode Hush, to the raw grief of The Body.
  9. GILES. The show needed Giles to balance out the high school drama. He starts out as Buffy’s mentor but becomes more like a father-figure as the series progresses. 
  10. THE STORY CONTINUES. Buffy continues in comic form and I still love it. The storylines feel true to the TV series and the characters are as amazing as ever.






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