France 2018 TBR List

I’m having a fortnight’s holiday in the Dordogne in July so I’ve decided it’s finally time to read some of those books I keep saying I will. There’s a very long car journey both ways which is great for reading and I usually manage to finish quite a few books. My list is quite ambitious but it’s always better to have too many books rather than too few.

Laini Taylor

First up is the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, which I’ve been meaning to read for absolutely ages. I adored Strange the Dreamer so I have high hopes for this series.


Another series I’ve been wanting to read is Shades of Magic. I’ve heard such good things about this trilogy and can’t wait to finally read it.

We Were Liars

I can’t even remember how long I’ve had We Were Liars on my TBR pile but it’s a short book so I should be able to fit it in somewhere. I’ve even managed to somehow avoid spoilers for this one.

Ella Enchanted

I picked up a second-hand copy of Ella Enchanted after hearing how much people loved this book. I’m hoping I’m not too old to appreciate it though!

Golem and Djinni

Another book on my TBR is The Golem and the Djinni. I’m not sure where I first heard about this one but it looks great and I managed to get a second-hand copy cheap.

Call Me By Your Name

I’ve been wanting to read Call Me By Your Name for so long now and I finally bought a copy for only £2. I can’t wait to finally read this one.

The Devil's Garden

My TBR wouldn’t be complete without a crime novel so I’ve chosen The Devil’s Garden which a friend recently sent me. I love Richard Montanari’s Byrne and Balzano series so I’m eager to see what this stand-alone is like.

I think I’ve got quite a good selection of books that will allow me to read a few different genres depending on my mood. Of course, I’m also taking my kindle in case I fancy reading something completely different!

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