Harley in the Sky Challenges

As part of the street team for Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman, members are participating in monthly challenges. Last month and this month are hosted on Instagram but we’ve also done a book tag with plans for another in February. They are so much fun and, by taking part, you’re entered into a giveaway for a gorgeous set of character art cards.

🎪 The Challenges 🎪

❤️ October ❤️

October’s challenge was created by booktuber Emma Novella and was a book tag. You can read my answers here. If you’re interested, please take part and help us spread the word about the incredible Harley in the Sky.

💛 November 💛

November’s challenge was created by bookstagrammer Renel. The prompts were:

I had a lot of fun taking photos for this challenge and ended up posting these:

  1. Hello Sunshine – stack of yellow books (After the Fire / Dune / Letters to the Lost / Carry On)
  2. Home Is Where the Heart Is – Harley in the Sky
  3. Black and Blue – The Night Circus
  4. Roadtrip, Anyone? – The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

💙 December 💙

December’s challenge is being hosted by Paperbacks and Pen over on Instagram. The prompts are:

So far I’ve posted these photos for the first four prompts:

  1. All Yellow – Letters to the Lost
  2. Found Family – Harry Potter
  3. ‘Tis the Time for Love – Of Curses and Kisses
  4. Passion That Rules – The Downstairs Girl

December’s challenge is still ongoing so please do take part. Harley in the Sky is an incredible book and one I hope people will preorder or request from their library prior to its release in March 2020.

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