January Non-Fiction Mini Reviews

One of my bookish resolutions this year is to read more non-fiction books. I read 15 non-fiction books in 2017 so I’m aiming to read at least 20 in 2018.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge
Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race

I had this book on my kindle then saw it was the January choice for Our Shared Shelf and decided to start reading it. If you haven’t read Emma Watson’s explanation of why she chose this book, then you should check it out here. I found it very informative and appreciated its particular focus on racism in Britain. It’s a gateway book that has encouraged me to broaden my reading around this topic.

How Not To Be A Boy – Robert Webb

How Not To Be A Boy by Robert Webb

This is a funny and thought-provoking look at the damage of gender stereotyping on males. It’s obviously hilarious at times but it’s also written with depth and nuance.

Feel Free – Zadie Smith

Feel Free by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith proves that she’s a brilliant essayist with this book. Her writing is simply beautiful. Inevitably there were some essays I enjoyed more than others but they were all interesting and thought-provoking.

I’m very pleased to have read 3 non-fiction books this month. I was aiming for 2 per month so it was great to enjoy three different non-fiction without any of them feeling like a chore!

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