Litsy is a social media app for the bookish community created by Todd Lawton and Jeff LeBlanc from Out of Print. It’s most often described as a combination of Goodreads and Instagram but it goes beyond both of these due to its sense of community and support among users. So what is Litsy and should you join?

How does Litsy work?

Litsy is available for both iPhones and Androids from the App Store or Google Play (or you can click here). The app allows you to search for books, people, or tags. 

Once you’ve found your chosen book, you can then review it, blurb about it, or quote it.

Review allows you to post a short review and rating using the pick, so-so, pan, or bail system. You can also add images, tag other users, and add a spoiler warning.

You can also simply post a blurb, which covers everything else, from thoughts and feelings about the book to photos to a general commentary.

Another option is to add a quote from the tagged book.

Can you organise your reading list?

When browsing the Litsy database, you can add books to your stacks and categorise them as to read, reading, or have read. 

What is Litfluence?

On each of your posts, other users can like, comment or add to their stacks. Each time someone interacts with your post, your litfluence increases. You can think of litfluence as your “bookprint” on the Litsy community. Your profile also allows you to see how many books you’ve stacked as read, how many pages you’ve read, and how many likes, comments, and book adds you’ve received.

Is it easy to connect with other users?

The main benefit of Litsy for me is it’s supportive community feel. It’s rare for anyone to be unpleasant or negative so it’s unlike other social media platforms in that respect. Users refer to themselves as littens and can often be found organising book swaps and postal book groups. You can find people to follow via a number of methods as shown below. Or by searching for books, you’ll see who has posted about that book and can connect with them by commenting on their post. If you persevere for a few weeks, you’ll soon feel like friends.

Litsy Users

Who should I follow?

There are so many amazing people on litsy that it’s hard to recommend a set number. You’ll soon find your favourite users who share the same bookish tastes though. There are some littens who organise book swaps, pen pals, and postal groups so I’ll list a few of those as it’s a great way to get involved and meet new people. 

  • @BookishMarginalia 
  • @Tiffy_Reads 
  • @LitsySwaps
  • @MrBook and @BookBabe
  • @LitsyPenPals
  • @Avanders
  • @JenlovesJT47
  • @TrickyTails

You can also check out the google calendar listing all the current bookish swaps here.

And, because I can’t resist, here are a few other littens to follow:

  • @DeborahSmall
  • @TrishB
  • @LeahBergen
  • @laalaleighh
  • @elkeo
  • @RealLifeReading
  • @LizPixie
  • @Kalalalatja
  • @GypsyKat
  • @Cinfhen
  • Plus my own account @ScorpioBookDreams

Anything else to know?

One other positive of Litsy is that there’s no pressure like on Instagram to make sure your photos are perfect. There’s a definite difference in the time I take for my Litsy and Bookstagram photos! There’s no judgement on Litsy and that’s why it will always be my favourite bookish app.

So join the Listy community and make some bookish friends!


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