Love Is for Losers by Wibke Brueggemann – REVIEW

What a stupid expression that is in the first place: To fall in love.
Like you fall into a ditch or something.
Maybe people need to look where they’re going.

As far as Phoebe Davies is concerned, love is to be avoided at all costs. Why would you spend your life worrying about something that turns you into a complete moron? If her best friend Polly is anything to go by, the first sniff of a relationship makes you forget about your friends (like, hello?), get completely obsessed with sex (yawn) and bang on constantly about a person who definitely isn’t as great as you think they are.

So Phoebe isn’t going to fall in love, ever.
But then she meets Emma…

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Macmillan.
Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

“I reckon Valentine’s Day was only invented so people didn’t die of absolute boredom in winter.”

The main character is fifteen-year-old Phoebe who’s socially awkward and perennially snarky. Her motto is basically “I hate people”. It was refreshing to read such a funny and relatable voice that actually felt like a teenager was speaking. Phoebe’s problems are ones that a lot of people that age are facing: exams, parental problems, love and romance, and failing friendships. She can be a brat at times and is definitely judgemental but luckily she never alienates the reader too much.

“For someone so clever, you are remarkably stupid.”

Most of the action takes place at a charity shop and it’s here we are introduced to a wonderful cast of supporting characters. Alex is hilarious and an amazing baker, as well as having Down’s Syndrome. Bill and Melanie are a jet-setting older couple, and Pat is the grumpy volunteer who hates Phoebe. Then there’s Emma, a sixteen-year-old volunteer with her own secrets. I loved the friendship dynamics and the hustle and bustle inherent in this place of work.

“This is the most profound poem I’ve ever heard. Its profoundness is so profound it literally aches with profundity.”

I loved the growing w|w relationship between Phoebe and Emma, especially because Phoebe was absolutely clueless most of the time. This is a sex-positive book and treats the subject very matter-of-factly (thanks to Phoebe’s no-nonsense treatment of the subject). The main message I got from the book though was to be kinder to everyone you meet as you never know what struggles they could be hiding. If you’re looking for a witty and heartwarming YA contemporary then you should definitely check out Love Is for Losers.

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