Hocus Pocus Book Tag

Now that it’s October I love to watch Hocus Pocus so I couldn’t resist taking part in this book tag when I saw it over on  Never Not Reading. The Sanderson Sisters A great trilogy / Winternight Trilogy  Winifred Sanderson A book with a truly evil female […]

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The Halloween Book Tag

With today being Friday the 13th, it seemed the perfect opportunity to take part in the Halloween Book Tag created by Book Adventures. Here it goes… 1) Favorite scary, must-read for Halloween? I reread ‘The Shining’ every October as nothing creeps me out as much […]

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Halloween Part 2

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without some spooky accents and accessories so here are a few bookish items that will make your Halloween reading even more atmospheric. Candles: I LOVE bookish candles so I would definitely recommend burning some Halloween inspired candles whilst reading. Good […]

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